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Day 141 of a Year of Drawing 2015 Part Two by Kevin-B-Madison
Day 141 of a Year of Drawing 2015 Part Two
Day 141 of a Year of Drawing 2015 - Part Two.  Caricatures that will be added to a mural I am working on. #yearofdrawing
Day 141 of a Year of Drawing 2015 Part One by Kevin-B-Madison
Day 141 of a Year of Drawing 2015 Part One
Day 141 of a Year of Drawing 2015 - Part One.  Caricatures that will be added to a mural I am working on. #yearofdrawing
Day 140 of a Year of Drawing 2015 by Kevin-B-Madison
Day 140 of a Year of Drawing 2015
Day 140 of a Year of Drawing 2015, Sketches done in preparation for more caricatures that will be added to a mural I am working on. #yearofdrawing
Day 139 of a Year of Drawing 2015 by Kevin-B-Madison
Day 139 of a Year of Drawing 2015
Day 139 of a Year of Drawing 2015. Work in Progress: Starting final pencils on a faux movie poster based on Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon poster for the small press character, Gin-Ryu (Silver Dragon). #yearofdrawing #ginryu #silverdragon #enterthedragon #movieposter
Day 138 of a Year of Drawing 2015 by Kevin-B-Madison
Day 138 of a Year of Drawing 2015
Day 138 of a Year of Drawing 2015. Some pen sketches to wrap up the long weekend. #yearofdrawing

Happy Trails To You

Howdy all, happy Friday, and welcome to the final entry of my weekly comics and art blog! 

Roughly one year ago, as part of my second Year of Drawing exercise, I decided to try writing a weekly blog in addition to my daily drawing, to give me an outlet to write about comics and the creation thereof. 

With this entry, that blog component of my second Year of Drawing comes to a successful close, and I thought it appropriate to take a look back at the past year and see how the work done in 2014 compares to what I had planned, back in January, 2014. 

So That Was 2014?

In January this year, I set the goal of drawing at least an hour a day (as I did in 2013), completing a comic strip or page per week, and writing a weekly blog entry of roughly 1000 words.

As of this writing, I have completed 358 days of drawing and I think I can safely say that I will manage to find an hour to draw on each of the days remaining in 2014.

To date, I have completed 191 separate drawings in 2014 (up from roughly 130 last year), of which 59 are completed strips or pages.  That makes for an average of slightly over one completed piece per week, which is actually more than I thought (I fell behind on the weekly strips in March or so.  I did not think that I managed to catch up).

With those numbers in mind, I believe I can declare the drawing aspect of my 2014 Year of Drawing a success.   

Turning to the writing component, I am happy to report that, with this entry, the blog component of my Year of Drawing has come to a successful close.  In the past 52 week, I have written over 52,000 words (or roughly 210 pages) on a variety of topics including inking and colouring in comics, Pulp heroes, horror comics, and the experience of doing work for hire.

As such, I am proud to say that I achieved all the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2014, and I can declare my Year of Drawing for 2014 a resounding success.

The Lessons of 2014 and the Goals for 2015

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I will not be continuing to maintain the weekly written component of this blog in 2015.  While I am proud to have maintained a weekly writing schedule, it has proven to be more of a chore than I thought it would be.

Further, more often than thought, I had a hell of time trying to think of something to write about each week and often ended up writing about whatever I was working on at the time.  There is nothing wrong with that kind of journal-style blog, but it was not what I had intended my weekly blogging to be. 

For 2015, I will be continuing my daily hour of drawing, but I will not be keeping track of my completed comic pages or strips.  Instead, I plan to focus on improving my fundamental skills and worry less about my overall output. 

To that end, I plan to devote each month to a different artistic focus, like perspective drawing, depicting anatomy, graphic design, and landscape work (with painting being the first focus, for January).

I will also be working with some friends from my local Drink and Draw group to complete an anthology comic set in the world of my Justitia Divum strip.  I am looking forward to seeing those talented guys draw my words as pictures and will be looking for other writing opportunities in 2015.

On a related note, 2015 will be the first year I will be attending comic conventions as an exhibitor.  I currently have a table booked for the Winnipeg-based Central Canada Comic Con, and I am on the wait list for Calgary’s Comic & Entertainment Expo (and will be on Edmonton’s Comic & Entertainment Expo wait list, come January, 2015).  I will be selling prints of my work at these conventions and hope to have the Justitia Divum anthology I mentioned above completed and available for sale by the time of the Winnipeg con, in October.

Finally, in terms of my writing, in addition to the work I will be doing on comics projects, I will be launching a weekly blog where I will be writing about another interest of mine, tabletop roleplaying games. 

To be clear, I will still be posting my daily drawing on Instagram, Tumblr, Deviantart, Facebook, and Twitter, it is only the written component of this year’s Year of Drawing that I will be putting to bed.

My new blog will be entitled “Dungeon Musings” and will be found at or followed on Twitter as @dungeonmusings.

Unlike the past year’s weekly blog, I will not be setting a minimum word length or restricting myself to a set range of topics for this blog (other than the fact that they will all relate to tabletop RPGs), nor will I be restricting myself to a weekly entry (if I have content to share, it’ll be posted to the blog).  These blog entries will include thoughts on tabletop gaming, articles with original content for use by other players and/or dungeonmasters/gamemasters, and updates from my own home campaigns (including links to recordings of my group’s biweekly sessions).  I already have a bunch of content ready to post on that blog, so I hope to hit the ground running on that project, once it goes “live” on January 1, 2015.

Until We Meet Again

That is how things have been for the past twelve months and how they look for next twelve.  This past Year of Drawing has been a terrific experience and I believe it has helped me improve both the quality and quantity of my artistic output, and I look forward to challenges and experiences that 2015 will bring.

Finally, for those who have been readers of this blog throughout 2014 (whether sporadic or regular readers), I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and I hope to you enjoy what I will have to offer in the coming year.

And so, that brings this Year of Drawing to a close.  I hope the holidays have been good to you and I wish you all the best in the New Year.

As for me, I have some drawing to do.

Yours very truly,

Kevin B. Madison

#yearofdrawing #comics #comicstrip #writers #writing #blog #bloggers #blogging





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